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I take really good care of my couch that

I've had since 2005 with no incidence.I noticed some small black marks underneath the throw blanket.

When I called in my warranty issue, i was told that since I wasn't sure what it was or what caused it, it was not covered! No one will even come out and look at it to determine what it is. So now I have to pay someone to come look and repair.

I think the warranty is not worth it for people who take good care of their furniture and are honest when reporting an issue.

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Leesburg, Virginia, United States #12456

You are not specific enough, as to what piece of furniture would leak a black substance on some throw blanket???

Honestly- They probably would not have a clue just how any warranty would be in effect. Seldom is furniture or their fabrics covered for stains directly, but if it was Scotch Guarded, that is a 3rd party process when it comes to claims.

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